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Luxury Lash™ Promade Quad Lash Trays (8D Fans)


If you haven't heard about Quad Lashes then listen up.


The Quad lash is applied like a classic lash yet creates a Light volume effect. It is called the Quad lash due to its shape. (×4 lashes bonded together at the base flat). 2 layers equalling 8D Fans.


Quad Lashes are technically pre-made fans, made up of ×4 strands, they have a long base and are fanned out.


Quad Lashes come in 4 strands in 0.05mm or 0.07 × 2 so the correct lash thickness is to suit many clients, as well as the standard CC/D curls - they also come in Blue and Purple See our YY Colour Section.


Quad Lash has started to be classed as the new hybrid volume effect, with many of Luxury Lash clients moving away from volume to now wear YY Lashes. They love the faster application yet still have the same volumizing effect.


Quad Lashes have a long flat base like a classic flat lash which is why they are super easy and quick to apply. Also, their long base provides an eyeliner effect as well as offering amazing retention another reason why clients love them so much.


How do you pick up Quad Lashes?

Grab the Quad Lash (Where to split is) halfway between the top and the bottom of the extension. The key to keeping the Quad Lash lash intact is grabbing just before the base splits into the 4 leaves which you will see is about halfway on the Lash Extension, then applying as you would a classic extension.


Our Original Quad Lashes are the new volume lash and proven to best-selling products we sell. Lashes apply fast as a Classic application yet amazing volume sets.


A super quick volume service yet as quick as Classic lash application, what's not to love? And best yet, you get lots in a tray just like individual lashes so they are a super cost-effective high-profit margin service for you.


Available in CC/D curls

Promade Quad Lash

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