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12D Promade Loose Fans - Box of 500


Promade Fans are a unique product that helps to add length and volume to lashes, making them look fuller and more dramatic, cutting your lash time down!


(BOX OF 480-525 FANS)


  • Made from the most premium quality lashes
  • Soft, Deep Matte Black Lashes, small base minimum glue so easy to apply.
  • Approximately 480 to 525 fans per box.
  • Minimal adhesive used for the best retention


Here’s a few tips for really good retention with the LLUK Queenmade Promades:

🖤 Lash bath your client

🖤 Use a Medium viscosity adhesive

🖤 Promades require more adhesive than handmade volume

🖤 Scoop and don’t swipe off excess adhesive

🖤 Make sure that the base is in line with the natural lash

🖤 Apply on top, underneath or on the side of the natural lash, just make sure that the base is flat

🖤 Apply tip first, press and hold

🖤 Don’t brush lashes, until end so you can allow it to dry

12D Promade Loose Fans - Box of 500

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